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Uganda: 3 months deadline for DSO

Uganda’s Communications Commission (UCC) has issued a “final warning” to the country’s citizens that in barely 3 months it would be switching off its analogue TV transmissions.  The nation has a huge uphill task given that there are only an estimated 300,000 digital STBs in use, and some 4.7 million TV homes still to be connected. The UCC’s executive director […]

Kyrgyz Republic accelerates DSO with Eutelsat

Eutelsat Communications has signed a multi-year agreement with RPO RMTR, the public broadcaster of the Kyrgyz Republic, that will accelerate the country’s switch to a fully digital broadcasting environment. RPO RMTR is using the high-power service area of the Eutelsat 70B satellite to broadcast a free-to-air platform of national channels to DTT towers and direct to homes beyond terrestrial reception. […]

Philippines DSO will slip dramatically

Reports out of Manila suggest that the Philippines will badly miss the June 2015 ITU-mandated digital switchover.  The country’s National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) admits that it might not even make a 2020 date. Alvin Bernard Blanco, chief of the NTC’s Broadcast Services Division, told local press that the switch-over could take another 5-10 years, and that the nation’s Information and […]

BNE: UHF strategy should have DTT at its core

Following the release of draft opinions by the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) on the future of the UHF band in the EU and on the Common Policy Objectives for WRC (World Radio Conference), Broadcast Network Europe (BNE) – trade organisation for Terrestrial Broadcast Network Operators for Radio and TV in Europe – is continuing its active involvement in the […]

UK DAB set for expansion

Digital Audio Broadcasting in the UK is set to expand following an agreement between the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the BBC, broadcast infrastructure provider Arqiva, and the Multiplex Operators jointly to fund the expansion costs of extending the local DAB network towards commercial ILR FM equivalence. Dates have also been set out for implementation of legislation relating […]

Last-minute hold-up for Kenya DSO

The process of converting Kenya to all-digital TV transmissions has been beset by delays, with frequent legal challenges from broadcasters arguing that the nation was not yet ready for digital TV. A ‘final’ deadline date for the important Nairobi region was made for December 31st, but this was stymied with a last-minute legal intervention which saw a Nairobi court postpone […]

Spain approves 3 month extension to DSO

Flag of Spain

The Spanish government has bowed to the pressure of the industry and market to delay until March 31st 2015 the digital switch-off and the DTT reset deadline. The government has made the decision to prevent between 2 and 4 million Spaniards from losing their TV signals from January 1st, the initial deadline to complete the digital migration, as by that […]

EBRD €24m loan to Serbia to complete DSO

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has approved a €24 million loan to Serbian public company Emisiona Tehnika i Veze for completing the transition from analogue to digital TV broadcasting. However, it is already certain that the full amount of the allocated resources will not be spent, given that for the purchase of digital broadcasting equipment, instead of […]

Uganda abandons DSO plan

Uganda has admitted that its previous plan to switch off analogue TV on December 31st 2014 has been abandoned. Fred Otunnu, head of communications at the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has said that the country is still working towards the June 2015 ITU complete switch-off date, but local reports say this ambition will be a tall order.  Mr Otunnu said […]

Namibia ASO on Feb 1

Namibia’s public broadcaster, NBC, will terminate its analogue transmissions on January 31st 2015. The original plan was for broadcasts to end next week on December 15, but local appeals for a modest delay saw the deadline slip to the end of January next year. “It is not about the date, but rather about ensuring that ample decoders have been sold […]

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