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$21 voucher for Thai digi-viewers


Thailand’s National Broadcasting & Telecoms Commission (NBTC) has set the value of its ‘free’ voucher to help subsidise the costs of digital conversion at $21.65 per household (690 Thai Baht). The scheme has to be approved by the new government’s National Council for Peace & Order which is meeting tomorrow (July 30) and – if approved – the NBTC will […]

Rushed analogue switch-off threatens African TV

Ovum research finds that most sub-Saharan countries – notably Nigeria and South Africa – will not achieve the ITU-mandated 2015 deadline to switch off their analogue terrestrial TV signals due to: a lack of awareness amongst the public that analogue switch-off is impending; inadequate funds being made available by governments to roll out digital TV infrastructure; and insufficient supplies of […]

Vaizey: ‘Government working towards a digital radio future’

Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, has told the UK radio industry that the Government fully supports the long-term transition to a digital future, but is not yet in a position to announce dates for a final switchover to digital radio. Vaizey plans to say more on the matter towards the end of the year. Addressing the […]

Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia progress DSO

Montenegro’s Agency for Electronic Media has issued to Radio-difuzni Centar the first national DTT multiplex operator license in the country. The company will operate Multiplex 1, covering four alotment areas for DVB-T/DVB-T2, as defined by the Plan for the Allocation of Frequencies for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting. The four alotments are for channel 43 (Bjelasica); channel 35 (Lovcen); channel 24 (Podgorica) […]

Brazil starts analogue countdown

Flag of Brazil

Brazil, just for a moment switching its eyes from the football, has published its key dates for adopting digital TV, and switching off analogue broadcasts. Brazil has set a three-year deadline starting in 2015 when the analogue transmissions in Rio Verde will go. The following year will see the main state and regional capitals switched off, in Brasilia (on April […]

Tanzania extends digital TV reach

Tanzania has extended its digital terrestrial coverage to 25 per cent of the nation. The switch-over from analogue TV was started in April, and the government says it is confident to beating the June 2015 deadline for the whole country. A  statement says that about 1 million digital set-top boxes have been sold, and there are now 51 digital channels […]

Mexico seeks 13.7m new TV sets

Details are emerging of a Mexican invitation to tender for almost 14 million computer-style digital TV receivers, capable of being fully ‘smart’ with HTMI and USB ports. Mexico’s government has earmarked a total of $2.02 billion for the supply of the units, which must be low-power and 24” in size. The tender document is issued by the country’s Communications & […]

Ofcom consults on DTT safeguards

UK comms regulator Ofcom has published plans to safeguard the future of digital terrestrial TV while ensuring the UK can meet the growing demand for mobile broadband. Ofcom suggests the proposals in the consultation would mean viewers continue to have the free-to-view TV services they value without another ‘switchover’, while consumers and businesses would get faster and cheaper internet on […]

Digital broadcasting threatens Eastern Europe’s media

Broadcast media throughout Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union stand to suffer when the transition to digital broadcasting takes place in 2015. Although digital broadcasting promises new channels, the way several governments are implementing the switch may result in fewer broadcasters able to reach audiences, and therefore create a more restricted news environment. These findings

upc cablecom DSO begins in June

upc cablecom is reducing its analogue parallel offer in German-speaking Switzerland and in parts of French-speaking Switzerland for the last time on June 3rd, before it switches analogue television off completely in 2015. Customers who still watch TV with a CRT television set can order a free converter from upc cablecom. In a statement, the company said: “The broad acceptance […]

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