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Bent Pixels, FilmTrack rights management

Digital rights specialists Bent Pixels and FilmTrack, a global player in intellectual property management for the media and entertainment industry, have signed an agreement to collaborate on rights management for film, television, digital and publishing clients. The partnership aims to provide greater efficiency, security and monetisation opportunities for companies seeking to capture increased revenues from copyrighted digital content. FilmTrack is […]

Entone Teams with Etex and i-Velozity

Entone, a provider of Cloud TV and Connected Home solutions, has partnered with Etex and i-Velozity to offer a ready-to-deploy Hybrid CATV solution. The partnership provides an integrated solution that includes Entone’s hybrid QAM/IP devices, Etex’s hosted middleware and CAS/DRM service, and an extensive VoD library from i-Velozity. The joint Hybrid CATV solution leverages existing cable headend systems to enable […]

blinkbox boost for UltraViolet


blinkbox – the video and music streaming service owned by UK supermarket retailer Tesco – has introduced digital movie and TV locker service UltraViolet to allow customers to build a digital collection from select physical discs they have bought in-store and access them via the service. UltraViolet is backed by a consortium of over 70 companies including major studios Sony […]

UltraViolet set for Amazon boost

Digital entertainment content ownership ecosystem UltraViolet could be boosted by the presence of Amazon among its participants. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the online retailer is in talks with at least three studios to join the consortium. Currently, those who purchase a digital movie from Amazon can watch it only via an Amazon app, while movies they buy […]

Compact partners with Octopus

Compact Media Group, a full-service intellectual property rights management company, has partnered with Octopus TV an end-to-end cloud based video content management and digital delivery platform. Compact’s clients will benefit from a commitment free trial of the full Octopus system with some exclusive service enhancements. The two companies will continue to work with their respective client bases to provide cutting […]

INSIDE Secure protects U-Next

INSIDE Secure has announced that U-Next, Japan’s one of the largest provider of video, movie and animated content, has selected INSIDE’s Downloadable DRM Fusion product to meet stringent premium content protection requirements for Android and iOS based devices. The challenge of content protection on mobile devices has deterred many content service providers from offering premium content to mobile markets. With […]

Sony’s Singh: ‘Piracy a continuing concern’

Man Jit Singh, President, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, has admitted that content piracy continues to be an area of concern for the company’s operations. Delivering a keynote speech at the PEVE Entertainment Business Futures 2014 Conference in London, Singh noted that in certain markets such as Asia and Europe, piracy levels were three times higher than the US. “We all […]

Cisco’s $1bn Intercloud


Cisco Systems is to invest $1 billion over two years to expand its cloud offerings linking hundreds of data centre and cloud providers around the world in a network with more than 30 partners. The Intercloud will help businesses process and manage data generated from billions of devices and applications around the world, Cisco said. Businesses in the network aim […]

MobiTV powers Deutsche Telekom Cloud Recorder

Deutsche Telekom has launched its new Entertain2Go cloud recorder – powered by MobiTV’s software. Entertain2Go customers can now watch their recorded movies and TV show series on the go. This makes Deutsche Telekom the only provider in Germany to offer live TV, VoD and access to customers’ own recorded programmes in an integrated mobile service. The offering includes some 40 […]

India’s CAS delays criticised

Back on August 14 we reported that India’s government had permitted another delay of its mandated Digital Access System (CAS) from this coming December to December 2015. The rules apply to the county’s Phase III and Phase IV cities. Now India’s Telecom regulator (TRAI) has criticised the government saying that the decision sends the wrong message to international investors. TRAI […]

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