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Major UK copyright awareness initiative

Representatives from the UK’s creative industries and major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have joined forces with the support of government to launch Creative Content UK, a new partnership that will boost consumer awareness of the wide array of legitimate online content services and help reduce online copyright infringement. It is understood that the partnership will build on existing work in […]

Copyright Office: Aereo not a cable company

In a further setback for its business operations, US copyright officials have informed Internet TV streaming service Aereo that they do not consider it to be a ‘cable company’ under the terms of copyright law. Aereo suspended its operations June 28 following the Supreme Court copyright decision in favour of US broadcasters and has suggested that after the Supreme Court’s […]

BVA, Industry Trust join forces

Pro-copyright consumer education body the Industry Trust for IP Awareness and the British Video Association (BVA) have announced plans to restructure, integrating key functions to focus greater resource on shared challenges. Following an extensive consultation process with their respective members and stakeholders, the change is intended to keep both well-respected organisations on a sustainable path in a rapidly-changing market. Each […]

India clamps down on channel piracy

An MSO in India has been hit with a visit from Mumbai’s police force for illegally showing unlicensed channels.  A report has been filed with the local magistrates. MSO (7 Star) was showing Sky Movies, (amazingly) BBC America, HBO Family, Showtime, MM2, MBC Action and OHM Comedy, on the network Television Post reported that 10 decoders, adapters and related play-out […]

Economist: ‘File sharing modest impact on box office revenue’


Koleman Strumpf, a Professor at the University of Kansas School of Business, has conducted a study investigating the economic importance of intellectual property protection. In the paper – Using Markets to Measure the Impact of File Sharing on Movie Revenues – Strumpf suggests there are two main empirical challenges: overcoming the non-random timing of the arrival date of illicit copies […]

CBS’s Moonves: “We’ll talk to Aereo”

Despite CBS being party to the action brought by the US networks against Aereo which saw the Supreme Court rule that the service operated much like a cable TV company and violated copyright law unless it paid broadcasters licensing fees for offering TV stations to customers’ tablets, phones and other devices, CEO Les Moonves has revealed the company is now […]

University researchers help lock out illegal downloads


Researchers at Australia’s Deakin University have helped find the keys to lock out digital music pirates through a newly-developed method that doesn’t compromise the quality of files. The music industry is expected to jump on the major technological breakthrough which could wipe out piracy, a scourge that is estimated to cost €35 billion a year in lost revenue in Europe […]

Home Secretary: IP crime threat to legitimate businesses

The Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP, Home Secretary in the UK government, has used the occasion of a ministerial visit to the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) to comment on the effect IP crime has on legitimate business. Accompanied by Lord Younger, Minister for the Intellectual Property Office and Mike Weatherley MP, Intellectual Property Adviser to the Prime Minister, […]

Irdeto: Piracy more prevalent amongst young

Viewing pirated content is much more prevalent amongst young people, while willingness to access pirated content generally decreases with age, according to findings from Multiscreen, Revenue Assurance and Media Protection solutions specialist Irdeto. The research revealed that the majority of American (70 per cent) and U.K. (72 per cent) consumers are unlikely to watch pirated content. This is different in […]

Lawyers urge Congress piracy action

The American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law has released a White Paper – A Call for Action for Online Piracy and Counterfeiting Legislation – which calls on Congress to continue its investigation and discussion of potential remedies to reduce the ongoing injuries suffered by businesses and consumers as a result of massive online piracy and counterfeiting undertaken by […]

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