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James Murdoch: ‘Copyright infringers should be held to account’

James Murdoch, Co-Chief Operating Officer, 21st Century Fox, has joined the growing chorus of senior media executives in declaring that copyright infringement can best be tackled by action from government and enforcement agencies. Participating in a Media Mastermind keynote interview at MIPCOM in Cannes, Murdoch suggested that search engines “driven by clicks” had it in their interest to prioritise enquiries […]

Aereo seeks MPVD status

Internet OTT entertainment streaming service Aereo has formalised its desire to be considered an MPVD (Multichannel Video Programming Distributor)– i.e., a service licensable by the US’s Federal Communications Commission and as such liable to negotiate with broadcasters over content, or ‘retransmission’ fees, in contrast to its launch business model, which was based on the premiss that it was not liable […]

Walking Dead breaks viewing and piracy records


The Walking Dead’s season five US premiere pulled in over 17 million viewers, breaking the record for most-watched drama in American cable TV history. Sunday’s season opener drew 17.3 million viewers on AMC, beating its own previous record of 16.1 million. The Walking Dead’s UK premiere on

Country’s economy plays role in file-sharing patterns

Peer-to-peer file sharing of movies, television shows, music, books and other files over the Internet has grown rapidly worldwide as an alternative approach for people to get the digital content they want – often illicitly. But, unlike the users of Amazon, Netflix and other commercial providers, little is known about users of peer-to-peer (P2P) systems because data is lacking. Now, […]

UK PM’s IP adviser stands down

Mike Weatherley, Intellectual Property Adviser to the Prime Minister and the Conservative Member of Parliament for Hove and Portslade, has informed UK Prime Minister David Cameron that he is standing down as his IP adviser. Weatherley was appointed by the Prime Minister in September 2013 to be his Intellectual Property Adviser. In his role, Weatherley has worked closely with the […]

IP adviser urges IP education and awareness

Mike Weatherley, Intellectual Property Adviser to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, has published his third IP related report – Copyright Education and Awareness – which examines IP education and aims to help reinforce on the public the importance of respecting IP and paying a fair price for content. In his capacity as Cameron’s Intellectual Property Adviser, Weatherley has previously published […]

MUSO interactive pop-up space at MIPCOM

Content protection and audience connection specialist MUSO is introducing a series of innovations to herald the arrival of the MUSO Studio, an interactive pop-up space which will allow attendees at MIPCOM in Cannes to gain insight into both the potential size and the profile of new and undiscovered audiences for their content online. MUSO Studio is designed to bring the […]

Viacom’s Dauman: ‘Piracy undermines creative enterprise’

Individuals running websites that give access to pirated content are putting thousands of jobs at risk and threatening to undermine an entire creative enterprise according to Philippe Dauman, President and CEO of Viacom. Speaking at a Broadcasting Press Guild briefing in London, Dauman said that companies such as his needed to make content available in different and legitimate ways. “That’s […]

‘Killing’ show-runner attacks IP pirates

Dawn Prestwich, a television writer and producer best known for The Killing, has criticised so-called ‘privateers’ who operate websites that allow people to access content illegally, pointing out the adverse impact it has on the creative process. Writing a Guest Column for entertainment trade daily Variety, Prestwich noted that in a recent New York Times article, Hana Beshara, founder of […]

Trade groups unite in anti-piracy battle


Trade bodies the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As), Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) have announced plans to create a first-of-its-kind cross-industry accountability programme designed to fight ad fraud, malware and the piracy of intellectual property head-on, while also increasing marketplace transparency. This new collective organisation will build upon the initial work laid out by […]

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