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Creative Future chief: BitTorrent ‘insincere’


Ruth Vitale, Executive Director of industry body CreativeFuture, has rounded on file-sharing technology company BitTorrent, questioning its sincerity in proposing that its users help finance new content and gain viewing rights, suggesting it has thus far failed to create a workable business model. Writing in the Creative Future Blog, Vitale asks: “How does BitTorrent, Inc. feel about the fact that […]

Majority of Australians support piracy crackdown


A majority of Australians believe individuals involved in the supply of pirated television should be prosecuted and punished, according to research conducted by market research company Auspoll. Sixty per cent of respondents agreed that individuals who facilitate piracy should face prosecution. Only 11 per cent disagreed. Fifty-three per cent believe government should ‘do more’ to prevent television piracy, with only […]

FAST calls for long-term PIPCU funding

The progress made by the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) in protecting Intellectual Property and tackling infringing websites risks being undermined without long-term funding and investment, according to the Federation Against Software Theft (FAST), who argues that disrupting the distribution of illicit material calls to continue the consistent and effective enforcement regime run by the City of London Police. […]

Australia seeks online piracy comments

Following its earlier leak, George Brandis, Australia’s Attorney-General and Malcolm Turnbull MP, Minister for Communications, have formally released the Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper and is seeking public submissions on the draft proposals designed to address online piracy. Australia has one of the highest rates of online copyright piracy in the world. This has a significant impact on Australia’s creative […]

Police place warning ads on pirate sites


Adverts are being placed on pirate websites by the City of London Police to warn users the sites are under criminal investigation. The initiative is part of Operation Creative, a partnership between the police and the creative and advertising industries to disrupt websites that provide unauthorised access to copyrighted content. The main aim of the operation, which began this month, […]

Oz consumer body criticises government piracy plans


According to Australian consumer advice and advocacy body CHOICE, the leaked Federal Government’s Online Copyright Infringement discussion paper sidesteps the Australia tax issue and fails to deal with the real causes of piracy. “If the Government is serious about addressing piracy, it needs to address the fundamental issues: that Australians often find it hard to gain access to content like […]

20m pirate World Cup viewers


Content services protection and enhancement specialist Viaccess-Orca has released a series of reports that provide detailed information about live-streaming piracy and the effectiveness of its anti-piracy solution during the recent FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Utilising data gathered by Viaccess-Orca’s ‘Eye on Piracy’ solution — which helps content owners and service providers detect, fight, and legally stop piracy — the […]

Australia set to toughen online piracy laws

A discussion paper addressing online copyright infringement seems likely to rekindle the debate between Australian copyright holders and ISPs A copy of the leaked document – seen by the Australian Financial Review – is dated July 2014, but it is unclear whether it contains Attorney General George Brandis and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s definitive proposals. The paper calls for comments […]

Major UK copyright awareness initiative

Representatives from the UK’s creative industries and major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have joined forces with the support of government to launch Creative Content UK, a new partnership that will boost consumer awareness of the wide array of legitimate online content services and help reduce online copyright infringement. It is understood that the partnership will build on existing work in […]

Copyright Office: Aereo not a cable company

In a further setback for its business operations, US copyright officials have informed Internet TV streaming service Aereo that they do not consider it to be a ‘cable company’ under the terms of copyright law. Aereo suspended its operations June 28 following the Supreme Court copyright decision in favour of US broadcasters and has suggested that after the Supreme Court’s […]

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