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ITV: Risks ahead

The initial results from the UK’s leading commercial broadcaster ITV were received well (pre-tax profits up 39 per cent to £605 million for the year).  But now the analysts have had a chance to get their teeth into the numbers, and they have some concerns as to the state of play at ITV. William Packer, an analyst at investment bank […]

Double success for SpaceX

Late Sunday evening saw two satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket company, the first time that SpaceX has launched a pair of large communication satellites. The mission was flawless. However, the two craft, for Eutelsat and Permira-backed Asia Broadcast Satellites, are rather special. The two are entirely dependent on electric propulsion and have no traditional chemical propulsion on board. […]

Good news from Outer Space

The past few days have seen each of the Top 10 satellite operators release their end-of-year results. We have reported on the numbers, but now the number-crunchers have analysed the picture, and the overall impression is that they represent “good news” for the sector. SES, for example on February 25th stated it expected to be leasing about 25 transponders for […]

1,800 new satellites over next 10 years

More than 1800 new satellites will be ordered and launched over the next 10 years, according to a report from Northern Sky Research (NSR), and in the process generate $300 billion across global markets. These satellites, ranging from so-called mini-sats weighing more than 50 kgs, up to giant telecommunications craft weighing around 6 tonnes, include entirely new operators. New entrants […]

Forget Ultra-HD: Get ready for Holo-TV

Researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) say they have developed technology which could lead to true, and highly affordable, Holographic television. The facts emerged in trade magazine Large Display Monitor (LDM) which quoted the snappily entitled original story: “Frequency division color characterization apparatus for anisotropic leaky mode light modulators”. Daniel Smalley, assistant professor of electrical engineering at BYU, described the […]

Meltdown at Intelsat

Intelsat has not enjoyed the best week of its life. Its share prices have tumbled in the past 3 days. On Monday Feb 16th its already struggling share price was steady at $17.01 a share. On Wednesday it unveiled its latest results, and the share price crashed to $15.60. Thursday’s loss was another  fall to $12.84 (day on day fall […]

TV Ads: New game, new rules

According to Larry Gerbrandt, the habits of ‘millennial’ viewers in the US are causing broadcasters to re-evaluate business models. The viewing data has been piling up for months, but has turned into a potentially apocalyptic trend line: according to Nielsen viewing data, traditional TV viewing has dropped 10.6% between September and January among the 18-34 demographic so highly coveted by […]

Could transparent OLED offer a future for TV?

Last week’s giant ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) show in Amsterdam saw TV display and digital signage specialists Planar showcase a 55” transparent OLED unit. This is, to date, the largest-ever transparent OLED ever displayed, and significantly larger than Samsung’s 30” ‘window’ panel shown at trade shows last year. One unconfirmed report suggests that the actual glass came from South Korea’s […]

Scripps forecasts underwhelm

Europe was a little pre-occupied last week what with the Sky Premier League news, Liberty’s numbers and plenty of other more local headlines, and in the process some may have missed the February 12th financials from Scripps Networks Interactive (SNI). In the past Scripps has enjoyed ratings and financial success helped by strong international growth and acquisitions. However, February 12th […]

Battle lines: Neutrality, Rights Auctions

Journalism about regulatory and commercial disputes often looks to conflict related analogies. It is, more often than not, an over-reach given the real armed conflicts that inhabit the world just now. But, given the vehemence of the protagonists, and the potential consequences of different outcomes, you can certainly see why it happens. Vehemence is the middle name of the Net […]

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