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Chris ForresterChris Forrester is one of the most experienced and highly regarded journalists in the field. His insight and analysis, particularly in the satellite and pay-TV arena, is highly prized. He has written for all the major business journals in the sector as well as several national newspapers.

Wyler’s OneWeb thinking

Greg Wyler, the original thinker behind O3b’s mission to capture the “other 3 billion” underserved or unconnected people of the planet, used the Washington Sat-2015 show to explain his new mission as head of OneWeb, and a plan to serve the other 3 billion via his OneWorld strategy with a constellation of 648 active LEO satellites (at 1200 kms), plus […]

Bank discounts Pro7/Sat1 Media

An investment bank has taken a close look at prospects for German broadcasting giant ProSiebenSat.1 Media, and doesn’t much care for what it finds. The result is that Berenberg Bank is recommending its clients to “Sell” stock and gives Pro7/Sat1 a price target of just €34 against today’s typical €45.69 per share. The bank’s comprehensive 12-page report admits that the […]

New generation satellites in development

The annual Satellite Show in Washington is underway and news has emerged of some dramatic channels under development. The event’s opening panel saw Intelsat’s EVP/CTO Thierry Guillemin and SES’s CTO Martin Halliwell explain their approach to the new thinking. Guillemin told delegates that its 6 EPIC satellites now on order would expand the Intelsat fleet massively. “Each EPIC carries ten-times […]

Bitcoin pioneer joins mini-sat rush

One of Bitcoin’s creators and “core developer” Jeff Garzik, says he has confirmed an order for 24 ‘BitSat’ satellites. Confirmation has come from the satellite builders, Deep Space Industries (DSI). Garzik is also involved with Dunvegan Space and a year ago he announced that he was developing the satellites as part of a scheme to create a secure back-up for […]

India sticks with 4K

Initial reports out of India suggest that sales of high-end 4K displays are somewhat sluggish, despite the appeal of non-stop cricket being the backbone of Ultra-HD broadcasts. India’s Star Sports is making the eight available 4K cricket feeds to pay-TV operators Tata-Sky and Videocon d2h. An estimated 90,000 4K sets were sold last year. But there have been snags. There […]

When will Sky go 4K?

The past few weeks have seen various rumours aired as to when Sky UK, and/or Sky Germany, launch 4K/Ultra-HD services. Earlier in February a report in London’s Sunday Telegraph talked about Sky bringing its launch of 4K transmissions forward to this Spring.  There was no denial by Sky, but certainly no endorsement either. Indeed, at the recent SES-organised 4K event […]

Doubts over TiVo’s core profitability

At first blush it would seem that everything in TiVo’s DVR garden is rosy and healthy. After all, the company has just declared record revenue numbers and is sitting on a massive cash ‘war-chest’ of some $740 million, and helped by a series of highly successful patent litigations that have brought in a thumping $1.6 billion in settlements, and a […]

ITV: Risks ahead

The initial results from the UK’s leading commercial broadcaster ITV were received well (pre-tax profits up 39 per cent to £605 million for the year).  But now the analysts have had a chance to get their teeth into the numbers, and they have some concerns as to the state of play at ITV. William Packer, an analyst at investment bank […]

Double success for SpaceX

Late Sunday evening saw two satellites launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket company, the first time that SpaceX has launched a pair of large communication satellites. The mission was flawless. However, the two craft, for Eutelsat and Permira-backed Asia Broadcast Satellites, are rather special. The two are entirely dependent on electric propulsion and have no traditional chemical propulsion on board. […]

Good news from Outer Space

The past few days have seen each of the Top 10 satellite operators release their end-of-year results. We have reported on the numbers, but now the number-crunchers have analysed the picture, and the overall impression is that they represent “good news” for the sector. SES, for example on February 25th stated it expected to be leasing about 25 transponders for […]

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