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Nick SnowNick Snow is the founder and publisher of advanced-television as well as Euromedia and IP Television magazines. In 1984 he worked in the debut issue of Cable & Satellite Europe and over the years his companies have published many of the industry’s most highly regarded titles.

RIP 3D, you won’t be missed

3D is the dog that didn’t bark. Bringing pictures ‘to life’ was to bring (another) renaissance to movie theatres and provide another whole new replacement market for big screen TVs. Avatar, James Anderson’s 2009 blockbuster about persecuted blue humanoid alien forest dwellers, was to be the start of something big and game changing. It turned out to be both the [...]

Voda treasure opens bid window

Here in the UK we have just closed the football transfer window. This is an artificial period of time in which all buying and selling of players has to take place. The idea is to remove the destabilisation of players coming and going throughout the season. Now we just have the destabilisation of the deadline driving those desperate to close [...]

Can a company’s DNA kill it?

Will DNA that doesn’t adapt kill a company? The chemistry of corporations and their leaders is endlessly fascinating to us ‘industry watchers.’ To what extent are companies reflections of their leaders or, conversely, do some companies suck the personality out of managers, demanding everything is done the ‘XYZ’ way? Can you take the DNA of one company, carried in its [...]

BT Vision will fail

Harsh? I don’t think so. Forget everything else, if a provider can’t do better than a voice loop telling you a lie about when the broadband service will be restored, it has no business pretending to be a TV service provider. There are, of course, plenty of question marks over a strategy that sees a company boasting about one million [...]

Bezos: New dog, new tricks?

Jeff Bezos has bought The Washington Post. At $250 million it is a snip – when viewed as a fraction of his personal fortune – for one of the great remaining ego trips. That is what owning a big newspaper is all about; always has been, always will be. That doesn’t make it a bad thing, without the egos of [...]

Policing these pointless numbers

A recent report informed us that the City of London Police are, along with the Intellectual Property Office, setting up a special unit to tackle digital piracy and counterfeiting. The IPO is going to provide £2.5 million over two years for the unit. Not exactly the FBI is it? I’m guessing that sum is less than the various lobby groups [...]

Home Gateway to the past?

Gatekeeping is a cornerstone of academic media theory – that boom industry of the Noughties. But it is a theory under strain as the idea of a few privileged outlets choosing what content is relayed and in what form, and thereby shaping cultural and political agendas, seems less convincing in the Internet driven, social media world. The home gateway is [...]

F@*k yeah! Don’t screw up

Hey, I know that Tumblr isn’t really aimed at me. And, goodness knows, I don’t want to needlessly relieve myself on someone else’s parade. But! But, like most of you, I have a direct interest in big international companies doing well and being well managed, it’s called my pension. Because of the business we’re all in, I’d also like to [...]

The pipes, the pipes are calling

It doesn’t seem that long since owning networks was the very unfashionable, potentially less profitable and, frankly, dead boring end of the business. Commoditisation of bandwidth provision and the obligations of neutrality both put pressure on pipe owners and many looked enviously at their content cousins. Some pipes bought content – Comcast and NBCU – some content owners shed their [...]

Don’t twitter away the news

What is social media’s relationship to TV news? That’s the question we pose in the latest issue of Euromedia, which you can read here as a digital magazine. Is it an opportunity of a threat? The answer is that it is both. Contributors to our piece take a pretty optimistic view. That’s not surprising as they are drawn either from [...]

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