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Cable Media Volume 8 Number 1

cable16Cable Media Volume 8 Number 1 2016

Read the latest Cable Media magazine – a round up of cable news and analysis in the European market – here


LatAm Market Briefing 2016

latam16LatAm Market Briefing 2016

Euromedia’s LatAm Market Briefing 2016 special, providing the latest insights into the Latin America TV market. Read the issue here.

EuroMedia May/June 2016

EUROmay16EuroMedia May/June 2016

News: With 4K likely to become mainstream and OTT-enabled TV Everywhere now a basic part of service provision, how will networks cope? Which players are ahead of the game with FTTH, DOCSIS and advanced DSL? What technologies can be brought to to bear to help challenged  networks cope? Colin Mann investigates…

Read the article and the rest of the issue here.

EuroMedia March/April 2016

euromedia_april16EuroMedia March/April 2016

News: In the always-on, social media connected age how do news organisations position themselves to capture new audiences and retain existing loyalties with a range of technologies and platforms at their disposal? Colin Mann reports.

Read the article and the rest of the issue here.

UHD Special 2016

uhd16UHD Special 2016

Read Euromedia’s UHD 2016 special here.

EuroMedia January/February 2016

Euro0116EuroMedia January/February 2016

New satellites, new channels and plenty of new opportunities: The political problems in the MENA region are seemingly never-ending, but TV steams ahead, with extra creativity, fresh entertainment and growth firmly in mind, reports Chris Forrester.

Read the article and the rest of the issue here.

EuroMedia November/December 2015

eurocover1215EuroMedia November/December 2015

Howard Greenfield covers a broad range of topics during his conversation with Sky’s Luca Franchi.

Read the article and the rest of the issue here.

Africa Market Briefing 2015

africacoverAfrica Market Briefing 2015

Read Advanced-Television’s Africa Market Briefing 2015 here.

Content Security 2015

cs2015EuroMedia Content Security Special 2015

EuroMedia’s Content Security 2015 special issue.

Read the ‘Facebook cracks down on video piracy’ article and the rest of the issue here.

EuroMedia September/October 2015

eur0915EuroMedia September/October 2015

The growth of OTT services could have led to a decline in the market for DTH providers and satellite services in general, but the advent of 4K, coupled with the desire of premium content providers to exploit rights further afield in developing markets, has put satellite’s bandwidth and reach advantage back in the limelight. Colin Mann looks at who is providing what, where and how the market is likely to develop.

Read the article and the rest of the issue here.

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