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EuroMedia Mar/Apr 2015

euro0415EuroMedia March/April 2015

A year ago, managed network providers are increasingly relying on QoE to stave off OTT challengers and the threat of cord-cutting, with the UI and user friendliness of the EPG and recommendation features central to their efforts. Colin Mann takes a look at the role data-mining and management plays in viewer satisfaction, monetisation and retention.

Read the article and the rest of the issue here

EuroMedia Ultra-HD special


Euroedia UHD Special 2015

Euromedia’s Ultra-HD Special recounts the state of play for the technology around the world and looks ahead with technology and market forecasts. Published in association with the DTG.



EuroMedia Jan/Feb 2015

Euro_0215EuroMedia January/February 2015

A year ago, EuroMedia wrote that amidst the political problems television and broadcasting generally remained healthy in the MENA region. A year later and it might be fair to say that the region’s political problems and civil unrest challenges are worse than ever. But somehow or other – and perhaps as a respite from all the turmoil around – broadcasting is also in better shape than ever, reports Chris Forrester.


Cable Media Volume 7 Number 1

Cablemedia115Cable Media Volume 7 Number 1 2015

2015 will be an important year for Europe’s broadband cable operators, with a number of regulatory decisions likely to impact on its ability to compete in the multichannel market.

Read Cable Media’s update on industry warnings of the consequences of Net Neutrality for the sector, as well as the latest news and research.


EuroMedia Nov/Dec 2014

dec15_coverEuroMedia November/December 2014

With customers increasingly demanding ‘TV Everywhere’ access to their content, across a range of managed and unmanaged networks, as well as to a plethora of devices, the need to ensure QoE for the end-user requires new testing and monitoring techniques. We spoke to a range of sector players to find out how they are responding to market dynamics and enabling their broadcaster and service provider clients to maintain market share and protect revenue.



Africa Market Briefing 2014

africa_coverAfrica Market Briefing 2014

Many industry observers expect the pay-TV sector in Sub-Saharan Africa to experience significant growth in the years to come. Read Advanced-Television’s overview of the sector and its prospects, plus the rest of the issue


Media Pack 2015

mediapack2015Media Pack 2015

2015 Media Pack: Browse the facts on Advanced Television’s impressive print and online portfolio and discover how our commercial partners reach an engaged and valuable audience. Read it HERE

EuroMedia Sept/Oct 2014

eurosep14EuroMedia September/October 2014

3D TV is seemingly already confined to aficionado’s specialist channels, and attention is now turning to Ultra-HD. With a number of services and trials launching in 2014, Colin Mann talks a range of industry experts to assess the prospects for broadcasting’s next format.



Content Security Special

contentsecurityEuroMedia Content Security 2014

EuroMedia’s annual Content Security special updates on the latest initiatives in content security; technology, rights and law enforcement.


EuroMedia IBC 2014 Special

ibc-2014 EuroMedia IBC 2014 Special

EuroMedia’s show special for the IBC 2014 exhibition in Amsterdam.

Read the issue here

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