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2015 Media Pack: Browse the facts on Advanced Television’s impressive print and online portfolio and discover how our commercial partners reach an engaged and valuable audience. Read it HERE

ip-cover0914IP Television Volume 10 Issue 2

Read our in depth feature on Netflix’s international charge and the rest of our Volume 1o, No 2 issue.



ip-cover0314IP Television Volume 10 Issue 1

Welcome to the new IP Television digital edition. Read our in depth feature on Standards and Industry Bodies and the rest of our Volume 1o, No 1 issue.


ip0313IP Television, Volume 9 No 1

Welcome to the new IP Television digital edition. Read our in depth feature on Fibre to the Home and the rest of our Volume 9, No 1 issue (more…)


In our last issue, IP Television asked a number of leading industry players to share their thoughts on the Smart/Connected TV market. Here’s the second part of the survey.

Download Smart TV Survey part 2


Smart TV, or Connected TV is predicted to become a mainstay of TV distribution and consumption, but is still struggling in some territories with low connection figures, despite growing set sales. IP Television asked a number of industry players what the challenges of Smart TV are, and how they see the market developing. Here’s the first part of our in-depth Survey.

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Broadcasters are grappling with establishing more channels destined for more devices in order to preserve their competitive position. This puts a premium on efficient and economic Digital Asset Management. Colin Mann finds out how specialist developers and vendors are meeting broadcasters’ needs.

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Many media observers suggest that the future of TV viewing will centre on IP content delivered to Connected TVs as part of a hybrid viewing experience. How much is hype and how much is reality? What are the opportunities and challenges? A number of industry experts shared their thoughts at two major events recently. Colin Mann reports.

Download Connecting to a Hybrid feature


While there are some potential stumbling blocks on the road to all-IP, the transition to next-gen IP network technology is a critical step on the path to delivering video beyond the television. In a world where tablets and smartphones are becoming ubiquitous and video-on-the-go is expected, video service providers with the right tools are well-positioned to tackle these challenges head-on.

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Telco TV in the US was the ‘new kid on the block’ in terms of multi-channel distribution, competing with cable and satellite for subscribers, often as part of a triple-play package. It now faces additional threats from OTT providers and Connected TVs. According  to industry experts, it is nevertheless well placed to  benefit from the opportunities presented.  Colin Mann reports.

Download Winning Connections feature


From the early days of IPTV, much focus has been on large-scale deployments. Behind the headlines, using IPTV to deliver in-room entertainment is proving a boon to the hospitality industry and is also increasingly used by organisations to distribute video content throughout buildings and sites. How have players in the sector developed a thriving business and what  challenges lay ahead? Colin Mann reports.

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