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Russia Today in trouble with Ofcom

Russia Today, a Moscow-based 24-hour news channel that is licensed by UK regulator Ofcom to broadcast in Britain as well as the rest of Europe and beyond, is facing enquiries by the regulator over the lack of balance in its news reports and slanted reporting of the news out of the Ukraine. Russia Today has already seen a British journalist […]

France: Government to shorten VoD release window

The French Minister of Culture, Aurélie Filippetti, has vowed to make the release of feature films to television easier, and to make films available more quickly on SVoD platforms. Two months ahead the anticipated arrival of Netflix in France, the French government wants to help local VoD and SVoD platforms to grow and promote their services. Talking to daily Le […]

Major UK copyright awareness initiative

Representatives from the UK’s creative industries and major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have joined forces with the support of government to launch Creative Content UK, a new partnership that will boost consumer awareness of the wide array of legitimate online content services and help reduce online copyright infringement. It is understood that the partnership will build on existing work in […]

Multichoice alleged to have planned ODM collapse


During last week’s unsuccessful court hearing in Johannesburg by a minority (0.7 per cent) shareholder of On Digital Media (ODM), it emerged that the court-appointed business rescue practitioner believed that the applicant, Atchuthanandan Nadaraja Moodley, was being deliberately funded by rivals in order to “ensure the business [of ODM] was permanently removed from the market”. Business-rescue practitioner Petrus Francois van […]

Lebanon’s TV stations unite for Gaza support

Eight Lebanon-based TV channels will come together at 8:10pm on July 21st and show a unified programme under the banner ‘Palestine, you are not alone’. The action is being taken, said a statement from Lebanon Broadcasting Co (LBC) “to take an initiative in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza who are the victims of furious bloody raids. The decision […]

Copyright Office: Aereo not a cable company

In a further setback for its business operations, US copyright officials have informed Internet TV streaming service Aereo that they do not consider it to be a ‘cable company’ under the terms of copyright law. Aereo suspended its operations June 28 following the Supreme Court copyright decision in favour of US broadcasters and has suggested that after the Supreme Court’s […]

EBU debunks spectrum debate ‘myths’

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has made available a new fact sheet on spectrum that tackles what it says are common misperceptions about consumers’ TV and mobile usage. Recommendations about the allocation of spectrum in Europe (set to be decided in 2015) are being discussed right now, and will have repercussions for broadcast quality and the way in which over […]

India clamps down on channel piracy

An MSO in India has been hit with a visit from Mumbai’s police force for illegally showing unlicensed channels.  A report has been filed with the local magistrates. MSO (7 Star) was showing Sky Movies, (amazingly) BBC America, HBO Family, Showtime, MM2, MBC Action and OHM Comedy, on the network Television Post reported that 10 decoders, adapters and related play-out […]

ODM wins court battle with shareholder

On Digital Media (ODM), which traded in South Africa as TopTV and which went the local version of Chapter 11 bankruptcy back in October 2012, has won a legal victory with one of its smaller shareholders and which was holding up the transfer of ownership to StarSat, a broadcaster which is part of StarTimes Group. Last week saw South Africa’s […]

BBC: Licence fee best way of funding

In two related blog posts, James Heath Director of Policy, BBC, has set out the Corporation’s thinking with the aim of discussing ideas, and to stimulate debate on some of the key public policy questions facing the BBC. “Some argue that the licence fee is outdated and should be scrapped; others that it should stay but be distributed beyond the […]

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