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Most Americans unfamiliar with Net Neutrality


According to US public policy think tank the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), most Americans are unfamiliar with the term ‘net neutrality’, want greater disclosure of the details of the FCC’s proposal to regulate the Internet, and think that the government regulating the Internet in the same way as a public utility will not be helpful. The findings emerged from a […]

AAPA welcomes card-sharing convictions

Anti-piracy body AAPA has welcomed the outcome of three separate criminal cases involving AAPA member Sky Deutschland which have seen local courts in Germany issue fines and suspended prison sentences to operators of different card-sharing servers in Recklinghausen, Munich and Pforzheim. The case in the local court of Bochum resulted in a suspended prison sentence of 1 year and 6 […]

Australia: Rights holders, ISPs publish draft copyright code

A new draft industry Code of Practice with the emphasis on education has been published with the aim of driving down the rate of online copyright infringement, the so-called ‘Internet piracy’ in Australia. The draft Code, published by Communications Alliance – the primary telecommunications industry body in Australia – for public comment, is the product of an intensive development process […]

DVB licensing for DVB-S2X patents

DVB is fostering the formation of a licensing program covering patents essential to the DVB’s specification “Second generation framing structure, channel coding and modulation systems for Broadcasting, Interactive Services, News Gathering and other broadband satellite applications; Part 2:  DVB-S2 Extensions (DVB-S2X)”. The initial meeting of holders of DVB-S2X technology is scheduled to occur on Wednesday, 25 March, at 14:00 in […]

CNN re-applies for Russian licence


CNN has applied to Russia’s media authority for a licence to allow its transmissions to be carried within the country. CNN exited Russia at the end of last year, although said at the time it intended to formally re-apply under Russia’s new media law. Vadim Ampelonskiy, press-secretary at regulator Roskomnadzor, said February 17th: “We have received an application from the […]

UHD Blu-ray standard agreed


The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has agreed a batch of standards for ‘next generation’ players and disc media called ‘Ultra-HD Blu-ray’. The news, reported by trade magazine Large Display Monitor, says that the Ultra-HD players will support an open standard High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, using 10 bit HEVC MPEG video encoding and based on SMPTE HDR signalling. The format […]

Megaupload conspirator jailed


A computer programmer for the Mega copyright piracy conspiracy, Estonian Andrus Nomm, has pleaded guilty in connection with his involvement with and associated piracy websites. He was sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison for conspiring to commit felony copyright infringement, with an Assistant Attorney General vowing to ensure all those responsible are held to account. […]

NCTA: “Title II is a fatal step… we’ll sue”

As expected, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association has come out swinging against the FCC’s Title II Net Neutrality proposition. President Michael Powell says he anticipates the association will take the FCC to court. He said that Title II would be a drastic shift for an industry that has invested billions under the assumption of continued light-touch regulation. He also […]

UK academics take on copyright education challenge

A new suite of online learning materials has been launched to help UK students and the general public understand how copyright law works. The resource aims to help A-Level [High School leaving qualification] media students in the UK study for their exams while educating the wider public about what can and cannot be done with copyright works. In October 2014, […]

DSA celebrates Ofcom white space decision

The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) welcomes Ofcom’s decision to implement TV white space regulations, enabling access to the unused parts of radio spectrum in the 470 to 790 MHz frequency band. This follows Industry Canada’s recent release of its TV white space regulations for rural and near-urban Internet access and signifies a real milestone for dynamic spectrum access across the […]

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