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Aereo to pay broadcasters $950,000


Aereo will pay CBS Corporation and other US broadcasters $950,000 to settle copyright claims of over $99 million. The deal, backed by all of the broadcasters, will leave Aereo with $811,000 to pay non-broadcaster creditors with claims totalling $7.5 million. CBS has claims against Aereo that total up to $27.8 million. Disney’s ABC and 21st Century Fox also have claims […]

HBO Now threatens cut-off for VPN users


HBO is threatening to cut off paying customers of its HBO Now streaming  service if they are outside the US. The premium broadcaster has sent emails to people around the world it has detected are using software tools to access HBO Now. HBO said it took the action because it only has the right to broadcast shows in the US […]

BT criticised for inaccurate Superfast dates

BT has been warned by ASA, the advertising watchdog, for misleading people about how long it will be until they will get superfast broadband in their homes. Complaints were made about a postcode checker available on the BT website and on the website of its Openreach division. In a number of instances the checker gave an estimate as to when […]

Satellite dishes banned in Turkmenistan

The government of Turkmenistan has banned all satellite dishes, and is in the process of “demolishing” existing satellite installations. The intention is to fully block access to international TV and radio signals coming into the country via satellite. In an official statement the government is demanding all dishes to be removed from apartments of private properties and has fully “prohibited” […]

ESPN opposes Verizon FiOS bundles


ESPN is objecting to how Verizon is giving its FiOS TV customers more choice. In new plans that went into effect last week, Verizon made the ESPN and ESPN2 sports channels optional, but ESPN says its contracts with Verizon prohibit the channels from being in a separate sports package. Although Verizon will still offer big bundles of channels, it has […]

Ofcom mulls TV deregulation to reflect OTT


Ofcom is contemplating a deregulation of the television and telecoms industry to reflect shifts in how people watch, read and talk over the past decade. In her first interview since taking over as head of the UK media regulator, Sharon White said Ofcom needed to examine how competition from US Internet giants such as YouTube and Facebook were changing the […]

EBU calls for DTT spectrum safeguards

As the European Commission’s public consultation on the Lamy Report on the future use of the UHF band (470-790 MHz) closes, the EBU is renewing its call to safeguard the interests of TV viewers in the EU by offering long-term guarantees for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). The Commission sought to collect views on the report’s strategic recommendations on a long-term […]

European rights groups back net neutrality


European civil society groups have relaunched ‘Save the Internet’, a European wide campaign aimed at defending net neutrality in Europe. The campaign calls on concerned Internet users in Europe to contact their representatives in the European Parliament to ask them to maintain their strong position on net neutrality. Internet users will lose the freedom to choose the internet services they […]

TV5 is restored

TV5 Monde is back on air after the cyber attack that took the network off air around the world. The French security service Anssi has sent a team to TV5’s headquarters to audit of the channel’s information and security systems. mThe attack was thought to be the work of hackers sympathetic to Islamic State. EBU president Jean-Paul Philippot condemned the […]

UK subtitles meet Ofcom targets

The UK’s domestic TV channels all “met or exceeded” their 2014 targets for providing subtitles, signing and audio description on programmes, according to a report by watchdog Ofcom. The targets, for what are known as “access services”, were set by the 2003 Communications Act. The BBC must subtitle 100 per cent of its programmes, audio describe 10 per cent and […]

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