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Entropic and other STBs hit by patent claim

DirecTV, Entropic, CyberTan and other set-top box suppliers have been named in a patent action by Canadian semiconductor company ViXS Systems and its US subsidiary, ViXS USA. ViXS is alleging that the technology companies are importing set-top boxes and other components that infringe four of its patents. The action seems to be a ‘tit for tat’ response to an action [...]

Asianet selects Cisco DOCSIS 3.0

Asianet has selected Cisco to deploy DOCSIS 3.0, a next-generation cable broadband network that is a key component of the Cisco IP NGN architecture. This technology increases upstream and downstream speeds to Asianet broadband customers by offering speeds of up to 300 Mbps per subscriber. DOCSIS 3.0 will help Asianet to achieve ultra-high speeds and will help enable the multi-service [...]

Romania auctions DVB-T2 frequencies

Romania’s telecoms regulator Ancom has started the auction process for five DVB-T2 terrestrial multiplexes. Applicants have until May 8th to register their interests. The auction process will start with a minimum bid of €300,000 for each multiplex, although most observers expect the end prices to be much higher. Licences will run for 10 years, and run from June 17th next [...]

HEVC will “transform” AV industry

HEVC, the ‘next generation’ video compression codec will be “defining element” of both online video delivery as well as high-resolution content delivery, says a report from IHS Technology. Report author Tom Morrod says switching the market from an MPEG2 world to an MPEG4 world “is more meaningful than it might at first seem. MPEG2 and MPEG4 have respectively

NDTV India migrates to MPEG-4 with Thomson

New Delhi Television (NDTV), one of India’s most-watched TV news networks, has migrated its satellite uplink infrastructure from MPEG-2 to a complete MPEG-4 multiple-channel-per-carrier (MCPC) chain based on Thomson Video Networks’ advanced encoding, MPEG processing, and transport stream (TS) monitoring equipment. Driven by the ViBE EM4000 HD/SD encoder, NetProcessor 9030 MPEG processor, XMS network management system, and Granite Sentinel DTV [...]

Liberty Global joins RDK Venture

Liberty Global and RDK Management have confirmed the strategic addition of Liberty Global as a new member in the RDK joint venture. Together with Comcast and Time Warner Cable, Liberty Global will provide technical, financial, and management oversight resources to support the joint venture. RDK Management is responsible for licensing, code management, training and community support for the Reference Design [...]

HGI, BBF talk device template for smart home

HGI and Broadband Forum (BBF) will discuss, during a Smart Home Task Force meeting of HGI, recommendations for a universal template which will facilitate interworking between home devices and smart home applications. The universal template is a component of a logical abstraction layer that is used to provide smart home services to broadband consumers. The aim of the abstraction layer [...]

EBU unhappy with Swedish TV spectrum announcement

The EBU has expressed serious concern at a Swedish government decision to reallocate the 700 MHz spectrum band to “other forms of use” from 2017, since such a fast switchover will jeopardise the integrity of TV services in Sweden. Swedish viewers currently enjoy a broad range of terrestrial TV programmes, with around 2.8 million households relying on the platform for [...]

DVB-S2 spec approved by Steering Board

At the 76th meeting of the DVB Steering Board, new extensions to the DVB-S2 specification have been approved. The new enhanced specification, known as DVB-S2X, offers spectral efficiency gains for professional applications by up to 20 -30 per cent and for some scenarios, gains of up to 50 per cent can be achieved. In addition, new operational modes such as [...]

Poland abandons Standard Definition

Poland’s public broadcaster Telewizja Polska will switch completely to high-definition from March 15. TVP’s CEO said the nation’s two main public channels (TVP1 and TVP2) will be available only on HD, according to a local report.  The two channels added HD versions in June 2012. TVP also has a large bouquet of speciality and local channels serving the country’s main [...]

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