IBC Exhibitors A – B

Stand 14.C17

With the rapid convergence of internet and TV technologies, today’s operators have a unique opportunity to launch more advanced and compelling subscriber offerings. To be successful, they must partner with a technology provider that is experienced in the IPTV, OTT and Smart Home Services environments.At IBC2017, ABOX42 — a provider of next-generation IPTV, OTT (Cloud TV) and Hybrid-DVB Smart STBs and Operator Smart Home Service solutions — will demonstrate the latest innovations for operators. With ABOX42’s solutions, operators can differentiate themselves from the competition and increase revenue streams. ABOX42’s customized STB solutions have been deployed for over 120 different TV applications and OTT services worldwide.

ABOX42 CEO and Founder Matthias Greve will participate in a speaking session at IBC2017 as a part of the IPTV/OTT Industry Forum Series moderated by Julian Clover of Broadband TV News. The event will take place at stand 14.J10 with technology partner Zattoo on September 16th from 4:30-5:00 p.m. After the session is over, a drinks reception will follow in the Content Everywhere Hub networking area.

“This is the fifth event we’ve held with the IPTV/OTT Industry Forum, and each speaking session has always been widely attended, which speaks volumes about the importance of the subject matter we’re presenting,” said Greve. “Hosting this session is a great opportunity to educate the industry about the challenges, trends and opportunities currently impacting IPTV and OTT. We look forward to seeing both familiar and new faces.”


Actus Digital
Stand 3.C69
At IBC, Actus Digital will announce a new and improved version of its automated clips creation platform for OTT, Social Media and any media platform. Actus Clip Factory Pro is another expansion of the Clip Factory suite of products.

“Not all the broadcasters have the same workflow, requirements and integrations needed for their content re-purposing requirements,” said Raphael Renous, Actus CTO. “Therefore we have developed a suite of products: Basic, Advanced and Pro. This way each broadcaster has the flexibility to choose the solution that fits the specific requirements.”

Actus was the first vendor to introduce an automated clips creation software, named “Clip-Factory”, during the IBC show 3 years ago. At that time, clips creation for Social Media was still at its infancy. Since then, a large number of TV Networks and Telecom operators have adopted Actus’ platform and hundreds of clips are created daily and distributed to their Web sites, as well as to their Social Media pages, such as Facebook and alike.

The broadcast industry is getting a step closer to offering side-by-side linear Live TV programming with non-linear OTT clips for VOD and Catch-up TV. Actus has also noticed that more and more vendors are embarking on this path and also offering clips creating platforms. At the same time, Actus customers have already defined what should be the next generation of clips creation platforms.

Actus Digital is announcing a newer and much richer product, destined for professional clip editing use, by broadcasters and operators. The new product, named “Clip-Factory-Pro” will include a number of features that make it, again, the most forward looking platform available. The features include a set of video editing functions, such as blurring, muting, pre/post rolls, Ads removal and more. The Clip-Factory-Pro also comes with a new set of Metadata generating tools that can integrate to AsRunLog, automation and Ads insertion systems in view of a fully automated workflow from Linear to OTT. The workflow includes automated delivery to Social Media servers such as Facebook and YouTube.

Last but not least, the Clip-Factory-Pro includes the Multi-Quality technology that allows editing on a low resolution proxy, using low bandwidth, and possible in the Cloud, while the exported clip will be duplicated and exported precisely using a full resolution recording.


Booth 5.B06

Software manufacturer Avioon will present its FLICS video transcoding and JOBS file workflow solutions at the 2017 IBC trade show in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Avioon will demonstrate the FLICS and JOBS products to customers and partners in booth 5.B06.

  • FLICS transcoding software launches at Europe’s biggest media trade show
  • New solution developed for Cloud, On-premise, and Hybrid deployment
  • Unique dynamic scaling capability of transcoding services across platforms
  • New version of JOBS video file workflow orchestration solution released

Global media consumption explodes and fuels rapid growth of video content processing. The media industry faces a tremendous increase in the volume of video that needs to be ingested, processed and distributed. From production to delivery, video files and live streams must reach viewers faster than ever before.

The FLICS transcoding solution can be deployed to Cloud or On-premise platforms for Hybrid operation and offers unique capabilities dynamic scaling and allocation of video transcoding across infrastructures.

JOBS workflow orchestration enables production system engineering with metadata analysis and rules-based decisions for automated movement of video files.


Stand 10.A21

Axon Digital Design, celebrating 30 years in the broadcast industry, will showcase a range of infrastructure products and solutions at IBC 2017, designed to simplify complex workflows and meet the challenges of today’s broadcast environment. Featuring 4K, HDR and IP solutions, Axon’s extensive portfolio serves a variety of mission critical applications including live sports production and content distribution – all of which will be highlighted on its stand (10.A21).

Evolving IP & Hybrid Solutions

Axon will demonstrate the Synapse NIO440, an 8-channel bi-directional Ethernet/SDI bridge from 3G/HD-SDI to uncompressed Ethernet video transport and de-centralized routing. Launched earlier this year, the NIO440 helps customers move to an IP based infrastructure with compatibility of all possible current and future standards. With a highly flexible architecture, it can be used as a point to point video/audio/data connection (using standard fibre-optic cables or SMPTE camera cables, avoiding CWDM infrastructures and cost) and it provides point to multi-point routing and distribution using IT switches. At present, the card is compatible with both AVB/TSN and S2022. Future standards like VSF-TR03/TR04 – and of course SMPTE-2059 – are also within its capability and compatibility will be achieved by future software upgrades.

Visitors to Axon’s booth can also see the latest SynView modular multiviewer, which is capable of handling 4K and any IP video format, making it ideal for a wide range of applications and from small to extremely large monitoring walls. Two basic models are available, each in two versions (SDI I/O or Ethernet I/O). These versions can be mixed and matched to build a hybrid multiviewer with up to hundreds of inputs and eight 1080p heads (on SDI) or two heads with UHD/4K resolution. Multiple connector panels will be available to allow for different I/O configurations.

Enhanced Control & Monitoring

At IBC, Axon will demonstrate its ever-popular Cerebrum control and monitoring platform, which is fast becoming the control solution for choice for production, master control and notably live sports production. More flexible and open than ever before, it controls multiple devices on one easy-to-use interface, integrating seamlessly with technology from manufacturers including SAM, Evertz, AJA, AXIA, Allen & Heath, Panasonic, Ross, Yamaha, Rohde & Schwartz and Black Magic.

A powerful and open platform, Cerebrum is redefining control in IP environments, simplifying workflows by integrating legacy SDI and a variety of new IP technologies to facilitate the creative process and bring operational efficiencies.

The team will be available to discuss recent ground-breaking projects delivered for F1, BT Sport, MediaCorp, Timeline’s IP HDR OB, Arena, CTV, ITV and SABC – to name a few of the world’s leading broadcasters who rely on Axon’s design expertise and Cerebrum to deliver results.

Axon’s IBC line-up will also include:
     Signal processing with auto formatting for HD, 4K, HDR, 3G, 12G & IP and support for Dolby E encoding and decoding.
     Master Control for automation and transmission, driving integrated and productive broadcast operations.
     DVB transport stream management tools to monitor, report and analyze live MPEG-2 and DVB transport streams ensuring health, conformity and quality across the digital distribution chain and driving performance at the highest level.
     AZilPix Studio.One Virtual Camera System for live video capture and streaming in a traditional or IP broadcast environments and Virtual Reality video production


Blue Lacy
Stand 7.G07

Continuing their theme of quick and easy implementation for MAM, the Blue Lucy team will launch a range of pre-packed entry level solutions focused on specific operational business use-cases, “BLAM-in-a-can” at IBC.  They will also demonstrate significant advancements in the extensibility of workflows through a renewed workflow runner and an expansion in functional BLidgets (Blue Lucy widgets).

New workflow runner and BLidgets

BLAM’s process automation and task management functionality is built using a range of Blue Lucy Widgets (or BLidgets) which include functional service components (like transcode or task assignment) as well as connectors and adaptors to third-party systems.

The latest version of BLAM, on show at IBC 2017, includes a completely renewed workflow service. Operators may download and install the BLidgets required to support a given workflow and new BLidgets can be added with ease as these are needed or become available. The new workflow runner allows operators to build their own BLidgets for specific systems integrations affording unprecedented flexibility from a MAM product.


BLAM-in-a-can provides quick and easy MAM deployment for a range of operational use cases – from content supply chain management to post production. Each package includes a base BLAM, complete with the relevant BLidgets, to support the pre-canned workflow. Available as a cloud service, but typically deployed, these packages support existing organisational processes but can drive efficiency with process automation and task management. BLAM-in-a-can is deployable in minutes to alleviate operational pinch-points. Six flavours of BLAM-in-a-can are available and will be demonstrated at IBC 2017;

  • Post Production
  • News and live production
  • Tape archive digitisation
  • Content Supply Chain Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Content Monetisation

“At IBC this year Blue Lucy will demonstrate the versatility of BLAM. From entry level BLAM-in-a-can – a range of packaged operational solutions designed for quick and easy deployment on-prem, to the new workflow engine which allows large media operators to integrate existing systems and enable a controlled and efficient migration of services into the cloud,” commented Julian Wright, Founder, Blue Lucy Media.


Stand 5.C72

With video consumption on every device now ubiquitous, pay-TV operators and content providers are finding it increasingly hard to differentiate themselves in terms of providing the best user experience delivered over managed networks and OTT. Broadpeak will address this trend and more, by demonstrating its latest innovations in CDN, video streaming, and video analytics solutions at IBC2017. By offering the most comprehensive range of video distribution solutions for content providers and pay-TV operators, Broadpeak is delivering the future of television.

Key Technology Demos

Innovations for Pay-TV Operators:

nanoCDN Multicast ABR Solution Empowers High-Quality Video Streaming at Minimal Bandwidth

Multicast ABR technology is now being adopted by the industry. Stop by the Broadpeak booth to see its benefits in action from the first technology provider with a working ABR multicast solution, launched in 2012. Broadpeak’s nanoCDN multicast ABR solution has successfully been deployed by leading operators worldwide for live multiscreen service delivery.

nanoCDN multicast ABR makes live HTTP video delivery to any device truly scalable by turning millions of broadband gateways, cable modems, Wi-Fi routers, and STBs into active components of an operator’s content delivery infrastructure. Leveraging home networks, operators can cost-effectively manage the consumption peaks of live multiscreen services for millions of simultaneous viewers using only a few megabits per second from their network.

Several new use cases for nanoCDN will be shown at IBC2017, including zero latency for live video streaming as well as live HTTP TV service delivery via satellite. nanoCDN allows satellite operators to cost-effectively deliver live and on-demand services across tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, and other OTT devices by leveraging the end-users’ STB.

Delivering Petabytes of TV Recordings and Playback on Every Screen Is Easy With Broadpeak’s Cloud PVR

Broadpeak Cloud PVR makes it possible for subscribers to launch multiple recordings on various channels simultaneously without any constraint for the end-user on the available bandwidth or number of tuners on their reception device.

Broadpeak supports all scenarios for Cloud PVR, including start-over, time-shift, and catch-up TV, as well as impulsive recording, using a shared copy or private copy model. The recorded content can be processed on the fly to be viewed on any device type.

Innovations for Content Providers

Pay-TV Content Quality Reaches New Heights Thanks to umbrellaCDN With CDN Diversity

Broadpeak’s umbrellaCDN CDN selector allows content providers to choose the best content delivery networks for delivering video content. At IBC2017, Broadpeak® will highlight CDN Diversity, a ground-breaking function of umbrellaCDN which allows content providers to dynamically take into account the instantaneous quality of several CDNs as a service, combine their contributions, and deliver the content at a quality level exceeding what would be achievable with the best CDN alone.

Maximizing QoE and CDN Cost Savings Through Local Video Caching Technology

At IBC2017, Broadpeak will demonstrate BroadCache Box, a unique local video caching solution for broadcasters and content aggregators that dramatically reduces CDN costs while boosting subscribers’ QoE.

With BroadCache Box, local caches are deployed into telecom or cable operators’ networks, and the most popular content from a specific content provider is stored. Since the content is streamed from a location closer to end-users, latency and network congestion are reduced, resulting in higher video bitrates, faster start times, and uninterrupted viewing sessions. As the most popular content can represent more than 80 percent of the video traffic, caching at the ISP level significantly lowers CDN service costs. Additionally, BroadCache Boxes do not generate any transit costs. The solution can be used for both live and on-demand content and supports secured HTTPS connections.
BT Media & Broadcast
Stand 0.D02
BT M&B is the digital media and broadcast solutions arm of BT. They have more than 60 years’ experience in providing global media solutions, dating back to the first international TV broadcasts. Its core business is to support the workflow of getting content from glass (of the camera) to glass (of the consumption or viewing/listening device). This applies to all aspects of the supply chain for television and film production, post production, contribution and distribution.

BT M&B serve over 500 media production and distribution customers worldwide, moving up to 16,000 hours of content a day through the BT Tower, in London. In the UK, they operate almost 100 per cent terrestrial and freeview digital TV networks and provide the backhaul network for most UK sport to be transmitted to global audiences. They distribute international TV for many global brands and channels, and operate one of the biggest satellite teleports in Europe.

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