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Connecticut fights for statewide IPTV

October 4, 2007

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has said t that he will ask the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) to reject a franchise application by AT&T’s Internet television service for Connecticut.

“This new application by AT&T seems to accept that they must seek a franchise, but makes a sham of meeting the franchise requirements,” Blumenthal said. “This application fails to comply with federal and state law because it provides no guarantee that every citizen will be offered the service. This requirement is one of the very few federal franchise obligations, but clearly violated by this application.”

“AT&T seems to have abandoned their previous argument that they are not a cable company and therefore need no franchise. They make no mention of their past contentions that they are not a cable company and therefore need not meet cable requirements. But their silence means nothing in the light of their varying contentions. Their switch in position is apparently to use this new law in contending that they can be granted a less demanding ‘franchise lite,’ giving them all the profit, but none of the responsibility for serving the public.”

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