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NBC: Get tough on piracy

October 5, 2007

Echoing comments from News Corp and Viacom, the chief executive of NBC Universal said piracy of copyright movies, music and other goods is “getting worse, not better” and urged the Justice Department to step up enforcement.

“We need … to move intellectual property enforcement up the agenda of the federal government,” Jeff Zucker said in remarks to the US Chamber of Commerce, which held its annual summit on counterfeiting and piracy this week.

The Chamber of Commerce is already pushing for tougher copyright enforcement legislation on Capitol Hill, and along with the National Association of Manufacturers has formed the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy to lobby members of Congress. Rick Cotton, NBC Universal’s general counsel and chairman of the coalition, said the group’s proposed legislation would create an intellectual property enforcement coordinator in the White House and IP-specific enforcement bureaus in the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.

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