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Spain: 6 million DTT boxes

October 9, 2007

From David del Valle in Madrid

According to Pro DTT Association, Impulsa TDT, in September more than 330,000 DTT devices were sold in the country reaching up to a total of 6,111,859 units, with sales in the first eight months of the year similar to those in the whole 2006.

Spaniards prefer the Integrated Digital TV sets, representing 45.87 per cent of all DTT sales in September, followed by those 38.76 per cent who acquired a separate DTT box and the rest, more than 50,000 who opted for other alternatives (combo DVD, PC cards etc). 98 per cent of all sold DTT boxes are not ready for MHP applications.

The sale of IDTV sets already surpasses (52 per cent) the sale of analogue TV sets, with Madrid and Barcelona being the cities with a greater proportion of sales. According to the Association, DTT is now experiencing a monthly reach of 8.1 per cent, with traditional commercial channels taking an average of 4.9 per cent (60 per cent of DTT viewers watch them) and thematic channels only 1.2 per cent. Madrid and Murcia (east of Spain) are the regions with more DTT consumption in the country.

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