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No comment from EuroNews on YouTube

October 11, 2007

From Colin Mann in Cannes

International news channel EuroNews has created a new channel based on its No Comment programme. On No Comment TV, Internet users will be able to view a selection of images renewed daily by EuroNews, including images that can’t be seen elsewhere. The stories are always topical and may be spectacular or unusual. They may also cover topics generally neglected by mainstream international media. Whatever the story covered, it will be covered differently. Since the launch of EuroNews, No Comment has been one of the signature programmes of the international news broadcaster, covering news stories through live footage and without commentary.

Phillipe Cayla, President of EuroNews, said the objective was to create links between all levels of distribution. “It's at the heart of showing how to explain the uniqueness of EuroNews,” added Michael Peters, CEO.

For the first few weeks, viewers will be redirected to the No Comment TV channel specially designed for YouTube.

Along the same principles as YouTube, web surfers will create a No Comment TV community by registering with the channel, sharing videos and impressions, and voting or actively participating in the creation of new videos. All of their contributions must respect the spirit of No Comment. Internet users can also contribute to No Comment TV by submitting their own videos, because anyone might be a witness to a news event that should be shared. The videos will only be shown after selection and verification by EuroNews that they correspond to the editorial charter of No Comment TV.

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