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Vuze opens platform

October 11, 2007

From Colin Mann in Cannes

Online entertainment platform Vuze, which claims an established audience of 10 million viewers, has opened its publishing platform to anyone who creates high-quality digital content, including global television networks, premier and mid-size production studios, and maverick content creators.

With the aim of enabling high-quality content to be distributed easily and monetised instantly, the Vuze Open Entertainment Platform seeks to serve the Vuze installed base by providing more compelling, high-quality content for free. With Vuze, publishers have a set of options for how they can monetise their content online. Publishers can offer their video, audio, and gaming content to viewers for free, for free with ad support, or at the price they choose.

Gilles BianRosa, CEO of Azureus, the company behind Vuze, said the platform offered content providers and advertisers an immersive way to reach the 18-34 male demographic that has left traditional networks and cable channels in favour of new forms of entertainment.

According to an April 2007 online video survey published by Bear Stearns, approximately 67 per cent of men (18-34) prefer to watch free, ad supported online video rather than paying to view the same content. “The Bear Stearns report underscores the relevance of Vuze and the huge market opportunity at hand,” BianRosa added.

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