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Court becomes Tru

October 30, 2007

One of the best-known cable networks in the US is demolishing a 16-year-old brand in a bold bid to become even bigger. Court TV will become “truTV” in one of the biggest marketing makeovers in cable history. The network will abandon Court's logo and its primetime “Seriously Entertaining” tag line in favour of a new insignia — the word “tru” in bold (“true” didn't test as well) attached to an encircled “TV” and the tag line, “Not Reality. Actuality.”

During the third quarter, Court was up 39 per cent year to year in total primetime viewing, from 873,000 to 1.22 million viewers. That ranked it as the 15th-most-viewed cable network for the quarter. It was up 25 per cent in weekday daytime viewing, although daytime skewed about six years older and its audience was about one-sixth the size of primetime.

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