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2008 will be the year of Web TV

December 17, 2007

Research conducted by Nielsen Online revealed almost 21 million Britons visited a TV, video or movie-related website in September 2007 – a 28 per cent increase in visitors on the previous year. Internet TV services are available to the 12 million UK households with a broadband connection. Worldwide, that figures rises to more than 300 million.

In addition, 2007 saw a plethora of businesses entering the space, hoping to capitalise on the growing consumer trend, but while not all of them will survive, Babelgum CEO, Valerio Zingarelli, believes “the intense competition can only lead to greater innovation and a substantial increase in service quality for viewers, and we're certainly expecting more new entrants to arrive in 2008.”

He continues, “Broadcasters worried about Web television should realise Internet TV is not trying to replace traditional TV, but is merely giving increasingly savvy viewers greater control and choice. It is this greater control, and choice, which will see Internet TV take its place as a conventional platform alongside broadcast TV in 2008 and beyond.”

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