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Industry attack on TV operators over DTT

December 17, 2007

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Spanish electronic manufacturers have levelled fierce criticism at the TV operators for “their lack of interest” in developing DTT in the country. Jesus Casado, the vice president of the Electronic Association ASIMELEC, highlighted the concern of the industry for “the present situation of DTT”, asking for “clear objectives” and urging the Government not to delay the analogue switch-off scheduled for April 2010. He said that “the switch-off is necessary and possible” contrary to the opinion of some high-profile TV executives who have warned of not meeting the deadline.

For ASIMELEC, interactivity is still to be resolved in DTT. To boost interactive services, the Association has requested “a single MHP version” for all the players. The Electronic industry is also supports the distribution of pay-TV services and for a more precise audience measurement.

Currently, seven million homes already receive DTT in the country with plans to reach nine million households over the next months as a result of the Christmas campaign.

In its latest report, the Pro DTT Association, Impulsa TDT, revealed that in October more than 471,000 DTT devices were sold, surpassing the sales of the Christmas months last year with 450,000 in December 06 and 469,000 in January 2007, and reaching a total of 6,956,176 units in the market. Most of Spaniards are opting for an Integrated TV set, ready to have access to DTT, representing 61 per cent of all purchases in October.

Today, DTT has an audience share of nine per cent with an average audience of 4.5 million every day. Madrid is the province with most DTT followers, with almost one million viewers every day, followed by Catalonia, with 700,000 viewers and Valencia, with more than 500,000.

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