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ITV2 most popular multichannel

December 18, 2007

ITV2 is the most popular multichannel for the second year running, according to Media Guardian analysis, with Sky One slipping from second place to fifth after being pulled off the Virgin Media cable platform.

In the year to December 12, the ITV digital channel posted a multichannel share of 2 per cent – which rises to 2.2 per cent if the +1 channel that was extended to Freeview in March is included, up from a combined share of 2 per cent last year. It made ITV2 the UK’s most popular channel after the five main analogue terrestrial services.

Sky Sports One was ITV2’s nearest rival, with its share at 1.7 per cent unchanged from last year. ITV3 also remained stable with a share of 1.4 per cent, which put it in third place, up from fifth last year. E4 remained in fourth place with a share of 1.3 per cent, although this was down from 1.5 per cent last year. However, when its +1 channel is added in, its total share builds to 1.8 per cent, down 0.1 per cent on last year, propelling it to second place overall.

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