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Comcast expands output to 'infinity'

January 9, 2008

US telco Comcast is set to carry out carry out a mass expansion of its on-demand content service in an attempt to capitalise on shifting television viewing habits. Comcast has a library of 10,000 titles, ranging from pay-per-view films to advertising-supported episodes of top TV programmes. Now, in an expansion codenamed Project Infinity, the group aims to offer thousands more titles in high definition by the end of the year. Brian Roberts, chief executive, said: "Project Infinity builds on our commitment to bring more content to people across all platforms at home and on the go."

The group's on-demand service has already attracted more than 6 billion views since its launch in 2003. With sales of high definition TV sets booming in the US, viewers are demanding more high definition content. Comcast aims to have 1,000 titles available for on-demand viewing by the end of 2008.

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