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Dish to fight TiVo judgement

February 5, 2008

Dish Network said it plans to fight a federal appeals court ruling that affirmed the $94 million jury verdict assessed against the satellite TV company in connection with the patent infringement lawsuit pushed by TiVo.The companies have been embroiled in litigation over alleged violations of TiVo’s DVR patents by Dish Network. The appeals court ruled for TiVo in its patent infringement case related to alleged violations of the DVR pioneer’s software technology, but ruled out the hardware claims made by TiVo in its litigation.

In a statement, TiVo said it was “extremely pleased” with the appeals court ruling, which it said “is confirmation of the value of TiVo’s IP portfolio, which is in addition to the other benefits TiVo has to offer.”

Dish Network said the court decision won’t impact current or future DVR customers since engineers have developed and deployed new software to customer DVRs. “This improved software is fully operational, has been automatically downloaded to current customers, and does not infringe the TiVo patent at issue in the Federal Circuit’s ruling,” the company said.

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