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DTT eats into traditional TV

February 5, 2008

From David del Valle in Madrid

Digital terrestrial TV in Spain reached its audience peak in January, with an average share of 10.5 per cent, with Madrid, Valencia, Canaries and Catalonia as the Regions with the highest DTT penetration. Its rapid rise of audience, along with the growth in audience of thematic TV channels (11.2 per cent in January)is having a detrimental impact on traditional TV channels which are increasingly losing audience share.

Combined, the three largest nationwide channels – Tele 5, Antena 3 and TVE 1 – achieved a rating of 52.9 per cent, the lowest combined rating in the Spanish TV history. Mediaset-controlled TV channel Tele 5 took the lead ,with only 19 per cent share, followed by TVE1, with 17 per cent, Antena 3, with 16.9 per cent and FORTA (Regional TV channels) with 15.3 per cent. Amongst the traditional channels Sogecable-owned Cuatro boasts the highest growth in terms of audience, pulling in 8.3 per cent.

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