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Warner 'Day and Date' drives VOD for UPC

February 5, 2008

UPC Neverland has revealed that its 'day and date' strategy for Video On Demand (VOD) with Warner Home Video Benelux has led to much higher buy rates via cable TV. 'Day and date' means that movie titles for VOD are released on the same day as the DVD introduction to the consumer market.

Since the test launch of the movie '300' in the Netherlands in August last year, a further nine Warner Bros VOD premiere titles have followed. During this period,: the average buy rate for the most popular titles was three times higher than for the equivalent standard releases, with the blockbuster titles above each setting new records in turn.

This success has proved even more dramatic when looking at revenues. At E4.99 for 24 hour use, 'day and date' titles have been selling at up to a E2 premium against the regular consumer price for new titles. Consequently, average 'day & date' revenues per title have increased more than three-fold. Diederik Karsten, CEO for UPC Nederland commented, “This is an excellent justification for the bold stance taken by Warner, in launching this initiative with us. Our Digital TV customers have shown that they truly appreciate and value the added convenience”.

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