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AEPOC chief refutes pirate allegations

February 22, 2008

Davide Rossi, chief of AEPOC, the anti-digital media piracy industry association, has denied allegations in the Italian press that he is implicated in smart card pirate ring.

In recent days Rossi has been named in two Italian newspapers in connection with information acquired in raids in France, Poland, Greece and Sicily. The public prosecutor in Syracuse and the Italian Financial Police are investigating links to Rossi after his contact details were found on a computer impounded in raids.

Rossi admits being in contact with one of the 132 people under investigation but said this was in connection with his anti-piracy work, specifically as a previous member of the Committee for Intellectual Property Protection under the auspices of the Italian Prime Minister's office. Rossi said he had been in touch with the individual as part of attempts to better understand the technical aspects of hacking and therefore how regulations should be drawn up to prevent it. He said the individual concerned specifically assured him he was not involved in piracy.

Rossi concluded that while he was disappointed details of the investigation had leaked, he would cooperate fully with the investigation. He also said he would take any legal action necessary to protect his good name.

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