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Control of IPTV home network key to operators

March 5, 2008

A report from MRG, IPTV Home Networking Strategies, 2008, has explored the importance of the Home Network for IPTV Operators. It reveals how effective Home Networking (HN) strategies can improve the competitiveness of an IPTV Operator against Cable and Satellite platforms, reposition the IPTV Operator in the growing battle against the PC and CE industries, and can reduce operational expenses through use of best-practices for installing and managing the Home Network. By improving their monitoring and management of the Home Network, IPTV Operators can position themselves for future converged services while reducing opex.

“Winning at the IPTV Home Network game requires a three-prong strategy,” states Jose Alvear, IPTV Analyst at MRG. “Operators need a flexible approach to the physical network in the home along with strong commitment to managing the Home Network and using it as a platform for delivering a rich set of services.”

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