US next-generation TV habits

ABI research says 66 per cent of respondents to its TV habits survey subscribe to some form of pay-TV service, and of those, 60 per cent receive at least one additional service (telephone, Internet etc.) from their provider. However, only 54 per cent of respondents declared themselves satisfied overall with their providers: pricing and customer service are the biggest sources of discontent.

Forty-one per cent of TV owners have a high-definition TV, but only 56 per cent of this group subscribe to a HD service package. A substantial 45 per cent of viewers say they use pay-per-view, but not often: most do so just once a month or less.

Generally, interest in “next generation” TV services is low (although greater in younger viewers), with the one exception being the ability to move content sourced from the Internet from the PC to the TV.

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