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TV and web combo ads more effective

May 8, 2008

Research from Thinkbox and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has shown that using TV and online together in advertising campaigns is significantly more effective for advertisers than using either in isolation. Their combined use produces major benefits for advertisers, including increased positive brand perception amongst consumers – some 50 per cent higher – as well as significantly greater likelihood of purchase.

Conducted by Q Media Research, the UK sample focused specifically on 'digital consumers'; people who own a digital TV and use broadband Internet, and are medium to heavy users of each. Because the study focuses on the most 'tech-savvy' of the UK population – around 25 per cent of its total – the results provide an indication of how future media consumption and consumer behaviour may develop. In terms of their precise media usage, 64 per cent of the sample stated that they sometimes watch TV while using the Internet, whilst 48 per cent stated that they did this most days.

Key findings from the study revealed that using TV and online together results in 47 per cent more positivity about a brand than using either in isolation. The likelihood of buying or using a product increases by more than 50 per cent when TV and online are used together.

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