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Comcast socialising with Plaxo

May 16, 2008

US cable giant Comcast has bought the website Plaxo as part of a strategy to bring social networking into the mainstream. The deal is estimated to be worth around $150 million.

Plaxo offers an extensive online address book, as well as a sister social networking site branded Pulse, and claims 50 million user accounts and 1.5 million regular unique users each month. Comcast plans to integrate Plaxo’s online social networking services with its own subscriber base of 24.2 million customers through, the film site Fandango and entertainment site Fancast.

Plaxo commented “Together, we intend to deliver on a vision of making social media a natural part of the lives of regular people, not just early adopters. You should be able to securely post family photos online in Pulse, and have them viewable by any of your family members, whether they are online, at work, on their mobile device, or in their living room watching TV. And you should be able to discover new shows to watch, based on what your friends and co-workers have recommended.”

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