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Netflix streams to TV

May 21, 2008

Netflix the world's largest online movie rental service, and Roku, an innovator in digital media streaming technology announced the introduction of The Netflix Player by Roku, a device that enables Netflix subscribers to instantly stream a growing library of movies and TV episodes from Netflix directly to the TV.

Priced at just $99.99, the player is available for purchase and is simple to install, easy to use and gives Netflix members instant access to more than 10,000 movies and TV episodes. “We're excited to bring the first Netflix ready device to the market, ” said Anthony Wood, CEO and founder of Roku. “The seamless integration of the Netflix service into our player has resulted in true ease of use for the consumer. Now, streaming video isn_t limited to people sitting in front of the PC; it’s ready for the TV in the living room.”

The current to PC Netflix service has 8.2 million subscribers, but has limited usage. The new box can be connected to a broadband connection wired or wireless. “We think this is something that offers a big value at a low cost,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix’s chief executive officer.

Without providing further details, Netflix has said two other major consumer electronics companies are working on set-top boxes for its streaming service

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