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Viasat pay-TV packages for Telia

May 26, 2008

Viasat Broadcasting has signed a five year agreement with Swedish telco Telia to enable Viasat to market and sell its pay-TV channel packages to Telia's 300,000+ IPTV customers and broadband subscribers.. Viasat's free-TV channels TV3, TV6, TV8 and ZTV, which together account for a third of the commercial viewing in Sweden, will also be included in Telia's 'Lagom' and 'Stor' packages from June 1st

The agreement will enable Telia's Digital TV customers to access a total of 17 Viasat free-TV and pay-TV channels in six different Viasat channel packages.old premium package of 16 Viasat channels and 29 third party channels. Viasat will be able to directly market its services to Telia's broadband customer base. Telia has more than one million broadband customers and more than 300,000 IPTV customers, which represents approximately 90 per cent of the total Swedish IPTV subscriber market

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