Advanced Television

XDC co-financing agreements for EU digital cinema

May 26, 2008

XDC, the digital cinema service company in Europe and affiliate of EVS Broadcast Equipment, has announced the signature of non-exclusive long-term agreements with Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and Walt Disney Studios to co-finance the future deployment of maximum 8,000 DCI-compliant digital cinema installations in 22 European countries.

The roll-out period under the agreement will last for a maximum of five years while each digitised screen shall be co-financed over a period of maximum 10 years. Those agreements are co-financing more than 65 per cent of the value of digital exhibition systems made of projectors, servers, applications and services, for a maximum estimated global investment of E600 million. These agreements mark and ease the beginning of the large scale deployment of digital cinema in Europe.

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