Advanced Television

Court says U-verse IS cable service

July 17, 2008

AT&T failed to convince a federal judge to vacate a legal precedent declaring that U-verse TV is a cable service. The telco had petitioned the US District Court of Connecticut to declare as moot that court’s July 2007 ruling striking down a finding by the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control from 2006.That regulators, in an action unique among state utility boards, proactively examined the Internet-delivered U-verse TV service. They came to the controversial conclusion that U-verse, because it delivers video in bits and bytes via the Internet and not in a continuous stream, does not meet the definition of a cable service. AT&T has consistently argued that U-verse is not a cable service and should not be regulated as such. But Judge Janet Bond Arterton ruled that U-verse does meet the legal definition of a cable service.

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