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UGC content management platform

August 5, 2008

Digital asset protection solutions Advestigo's RAFFUT project has been recognised by the French National Research Agency (ANR) as the most-promising platform to manage digital audio, video and textual content on UGC sites. INRIA Grenoble/Rhone-Alpes, part of the French national institute for research in computer science and control, joined Advestigo in developing the project.

Advestigo and INRIA will develop an integrated detection and management solution for copyrighted content based on Advestigo's patented Theraography technology, the only platform which analyses three sources of digital content – whether video, audio or textual – to generate content-based fingerprints. These fingerprints allow for the detection of total or partial copying, independent of file and data formats, sampling rates, encapsulations and other typical masking techniques. INRIA will contribute its world-class leading edge concepts and algorithm in digital video characterisation.

In addition to detecting illegal content, the RAFFUT Project integrates a protection and cleaning function: illegal content is automatically removed from UGC sites and is blocked from being uploaded again – a frequent response to detection and removal. To complete the offer, the solution manages the income generated by copyrighted content, ensuring that the rights holders are remunerated.

In providing a complete and robust platform, Advestigo and INRIA will allow UGC sites to increase the amount of content posted each day, all while insuring the rights of the copyright holders. According to Advestigo, technology of this nature is critical in order to return to the true spirit of collaborative sites where professional/copyrighted videos exist along side UGC/amateur/personal video. Advestigo estimates that the solution will be ready for market in 2009.

The solution was developed in response to both qualitative and quantitative issues, claims the company, suggesting that not only is it necessary to improve video description technology to make it as effective as possible yet still compact and reliable, but the solution must be able to accommodate clients whose users upload a huge number of videos, guaranteeing quick turnaround in analysis and response.

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