Advanced Television

TV to surpass newspapers as largest ad medium

August 8, 2008

BSS suggests that for many alternative media this will be the first economic slowdown in which they will be seriously tested, such as online search, digital out-of-home media, word-of-mouth marketing, videogame advertising, and social network advertising, among others. As a result of these trends, VSS projects that broadcast TV will become the largest advertising medium by year-end 2008, the first time in U.S. history that newspapers have not held that position.

For the third consecutive year, overall time spent with media by consumers is expected to fall in 2008, declining 0.1 per cent to 3,493 hours per person, due to media multitasking and several media platforms reaching saturation, including some that will become obsolete during the forecast period, including dial-up access, VHS, and audio cassettes. Time spent with media that have a digital component, however, is expected to climb. For example, time spent with pure-play Internet will surpass recorded music as the third most used medium after television and radio.

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