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China and India top mobile TV audiences

September 4, 2008

China and India have the largest mobile TV audiences, according to a new global survey carried out by Telegent. Close to three quarters of respondents Following the opening of the Olympics, Telegent conducted a global survey to discover people's attitudes towards mobile TV and their attitudes to watching coverage of the games on their mobile phone. The survey revealed that 72 per cent of Chinese consumers surveyed have watched mobile TV, making it the highest ranked country in terms of overall viewing experience of television on a mobile phone. China only won by a narrow margin as India, with 71 per cent, came in at a close second.

While 60 per cent of surveyed mobile TV users reported watching the news on their mobile phone, and 33 per cent reported watching sport, global events such as the Olympics garnered a significant increase in mobile TV viewing interest. A global average of 88 per cent of mobile TV users were interested in watching the Games on their mobile phones, which included a 95 per cent of mobile TV users surveyed in India, followed by Thailand at 93 per cent, and Brazil and China at 89 per cent. In the US the figure was 87 per cent and in the UK it was 80 per cent.


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