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People ';can't live' without their DVRs

September 4, 2008

More than 70 per cent of DVR owners say that they cannot live without their DVR, according to a survey commissioned by NDS, provider of According to the survey, which asked respondents to rank relative importance of a list of household appliances, apart from the washing machine and the microwave oven, no other household item was deemed more essential than the DVR in today's homes. Intriguingly, Italians surveyed also ranked the hairdryer higher than a DVR. And when it comes to essential technology gadgets, the DVR is second only to the mobile phone as the item they can't live without. The vast majority of respondents would rather give up their landline phone, dishwasher, radio and MP3 player than their DVR.

More than three quarters of DVR owners with families in the US, Italy and Australia also feel that having a DVR has improved their family relationships, eliminating arguments over TV and allowing for the whole family to join the dinner table. In Britain, the figure was around two-thirds.

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