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Satellites to complete Spain DTT coverage

September 23, 2008

From David Del Valle in Madrid The Ministry of Industry is studying the use of satellites to extend DTT to all the Spanish population and complete the digital migration as planned in April 2010. Geographical problems and signal interference from illegal TV channels are the main reasons why the Government and the Regional Administrations are looking to satellite distribution of DTT signals.Hispasat is the most likely candidate, although Eutelsat might also have a role. Broadcasters hope that the Government will pick up the bill for the extra cost that the satellite DTT distribution. By April 2010, private TV must make their DTT transmissions available to 96 per cent of the population, with public channels reaching 98 per cent. According to Impulsa TDT, 89.15 per cent of Spaniards have access to DTT, by December 2008, DTT coverage should reach 90 per cent of the population, extending it to 93 per cent by July 2009.

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