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Spain passes 12 million DTT devices

October 10, 2008

From David Del Valle in Madrid
12.4 million DTT devices have been sold in Spain, of which 88% are IDTVs, according to the latest report from Impulsa TDT. Every day 7.7 million people watch DTT, representing an average share of 17.4%, with more than 6 million homes having access to DTT, with a penetration of 38.8 per cent on average, 50% in some Regions like Madrid or Catalonia.

DTT coverage reaches 89.15% of the population. The Pro DTT Association Impulsa TDT has asked all involved parties in the DTT market to do their best to promote DTT and raise public awareness of the analogue switch-off as, according to Andres Armas, General Director of the Association, "even though 60% of Spaniards know the concept of the analogue switch-off, there is still a great confusion about it". The National DTT Plan states that 1,287 towns from 36 provinces, more than 5 million people, will stop receiving the analogue transmissions by June 2009 and 15 million by December 2009. So, he says, "it is vital to speed up the adaptation of SMATV dishes in those regions otherwise there will be a severe shortage of installers".


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