Advanced Television

Tandberg for SBS

October 10, 2008

TANDBERG Television announced that Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), Australia’s multicultural and multilingual public broadcaster, has selected the company's IP-based iSIS 8000 head-end architecture for its Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) network. TANDBERG Television is supplying SD and HDTV encoders, dense multiplexing and embedded SFN (Single Frequency Network) adaptation, all based around a core of flexible IP switching. The company's compression head-ends are now used for four of the country's five national digital terrestrial networks. SBS's digital television services began in January 2001 and currently reach an estimated 96% of the Australian population. The new centralized head-end will generate DVB-T transport streams for 12 separate regions. This is the first deployment of TANDBERG Television's iSIS 8000® IP head-end architecture for the Australian DTT market and is the first deployment worldwide of dense SFN adaptation as part of the TANDBERG MX8400 IP multiplexer.

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