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October 10, 2008

When it comes to advertising, not all online video viewers are created equal, according to a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Veoh Networks. “Watching The Web: How Online Video Engages Audiences” reveals that while some online video viewers still only “snack” on short clips, there exists a large audience of young, influential, engaged viewers who watch a great deal of long-form online video and pay attention to the brand messages delivered to them in online video environments.The study found that Engaged Viewers (viewers who watch more than an hour of online video a week) make up nearly 40% of all online video viewers and watch nearly 75% of all online video. Of these Engaged Viewers, those who spend the most time consuming and sharing long-form content: * Are more likely to watch videos all the way through * Pay more attention to online video more than they do TV * Interact with and rate the videos they watch more frequently * Are twice as likely to recall in-video ads and post-rolls than non-Engaged Viewers * Agree more readily that advertising is fair and helps pay for their free experience * Consider banner ads and ads that come in between videos (mid-rolls) most effective”As online video viewing continues to grow as a primary source of entertainment, it will create many new opportunities for content providers and advertisers alike to reach engaged, influential audiences,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of Veoh Networks. “Now is the time for advertisers to re-think their approaches to marketing in online video in order to captivate these valuable viewers as they drive online video into a mainstream entertainment medium.”

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