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Starz Media set to expand

October 15, 2008

From Colin Mann in Cannes

Programming production and distribution company Starz Media has revealed a key expansion of its partnership with Xbox LIVEwhich will significantly grow its digital distribution presence internationally. The new digital rental deal will make a range of anime movies, classic horror films and other popular titles from Starz Media's catalogue available to Xbox 360 users in the UK, Ireland and Canada.

Marc DeBevoise, Starz Media's senior vice president of digital media and business development, noted that this will be the first time many of the Anchor Bay and Manga Entertainment titles will be accessible for digital rental in Canada, the UK and other European countries, although they have been available on DVD, TV and even theatrically in those territories.

Titles are available in the Xbox LIVE Video Store for video-on-demand (VOD) purchase, with standard usage rules: Consumers can rent the titles for up to 30 days, and can watch as many times as desired within 24 hours of starting each title.

"We've been hearing from fans across Europe and the rest of the world, asking when they would be able to get our content digitally ever since we started putting it on services in the US, so we're thrilled to be able to give it to them now," DeBevoise said. "This is the first of several ex-US deals we'll be rolling out in the near future, and we hope that soon everyone will be able to get our content delivered digitally, no matter where they are."

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