Advanced Television

IPTV takes root in CEE

November 19, 2008

The growing popularity of IPTV services offered by a number of leading service providers in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) bodes well for the region’s telecoms industry, as it searches for ways to diversify its voice and Internet access businesses. A study published by IDC indicates that, despite relatively limited uptake of IPTV in previous years, total IPTV subscriber connections in CEE are poised to grow more than 100 per cent in 2008, from approximately 290,000 connections in 2007.

“While demand for basic broadband Internet connectivity services remains strong, operators cannot expect to maintain some of the high double-digit or even triple-digit broadband growth rates experienced in the past,” said Joshua Budd, programme manager, Telecommunications, IDC CEMA. “Operators must diversify their services portfolios. Offering value-added services over broadband Internet, such as IPTV, is a natural move that can pay off — if implemented under the right conditions.”

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