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UPC Ireland and Nagravision settle court proceedings

December 3, 2008

UPC Ireland and Nagravision have reached a settlement of court proceedings against an illegal distributor. This brings to a conclusion a prolonged investigation which originally commenced in November 2006.

Operation Gaelic, a covert investigation, revealed an extensive distribution network in Ireland managed by Thomas Roddy which involved the sale of illegal digital boxes and distribution of software codes that give access to digital TV subscription channels for free.

Robert Dunn, CEO of UPC Ireland said: "Some ambivalence may exist in public opinion as to the seriousness of the crime of TV piracy. This may appear to be a victimless offence, but in reality this causes substantial damage to legitimate Irish enterprises which has an impact on people's livelihoods. Like any black market activity, this act has serious financial consequences for the economy as a whole. UPC is aware that these fraudsters have a wide ranging underground distribution network which supports this illegal activity. Some consumers using these boxes on our network may be unaware that this is a civil wrong and criminal offence under Irish law. This investigation has also disclosed detailed intelligence of Roddy's Irish distribution chain and individuals that purchased from this source. UPC is currently considering next steps as part of its ongoing anti –piracy investigations."

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