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TiVo ad pause

December 11, 2008

TiVo is offering advertisers a new way to reach TiVo subscribers, who are prone to fast-forwarding through standard 30-second spots as they consume time-shifted programming. "Pause Menu," allows clickable, promotional graphics to be placed on the TV screen when a TiVo user pauses a live or time-shifted programme. The first advertisers to use Pause Menu to deliver targeted product messages are Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, and automaker Mercedes-Benz USA, which plans to use the feature early next year to help promote its new GLK SUV to football viewers.

"With the number of DVR homes on the rise, TV advertisers are facing a very serious commercial avoidance issue that must be addressed now," said David Sandford, TiVo Vice President of Marketing and Product Management. "The launch of Pause Menu moves us another step closer to achieving our goal of providing a comprehensive suite of interactive advertising solutions designed to help the TV industry reach viewers in a DVR world."

Pause Menu works with TiVo Series 2 DVRs, and also provides broadband-connected TiVo subscribers with a direct link to TiVo's Swivel Search feature. Swivel Search allows subscribers to find programme information, related shows and downloads when they click the "pause" button on the TiVo remote. Promotions on the Pause Menu are displayed as a single line of text and another line links the viewer directly to TiVo's Universal Swivel Search.


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