Advanced Television

China plans fibre network

December 16, 2008

China has confirmed that it will build its first high-capacity optic fibre network nationwide, which is able to carry Internet, TV and phone services through one network. The Ministry of Science and Technology signed an agreement with the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) on building the national network. The backbone network of the new net will have a bandwidth of 1,000 G bits, comparing with the current one of 1 G bits. It will allow every user in the network to have a 100-Mb per second access to the Internet rather than the existing 1-Mb access, said a ministry press release.

A regional network has been built in the Yangtze River Delta and put on a trial run for one year covering about 30,000 users. But the nationwide programme is still at a very early stage. The agreement did not mention the timetable of construction nor the cost. “


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