Advanced Television

Anevia mobile TV solution

January 21, 2009

Anevia, a video service infrastructure provider announced the launch of a carrier grade mobile video solution offering live TV, Video-on-demand and Time-shifted services – Pause TV, Start-over or Catch-up TV.

To address the evolution of mobile TV Anevia launches a scalable and reliable mobile video solution aimed at mobile operators. Pierre Yves Le Berre, Anevia's Marketing and Business Development Director, comments: "The mobile industry is moving towards video services implementation to address new customer behaviours like content snacking. With the launch of our mobile platform, we help operators to increase ARPU with new services like VOD/live TV bundle or start-over/Pause TV, and to grow customer's loyalty with ad-funded content like VOD or catch-up TV."

For fixed-mobile operators aiming to launch mobile video services, Anevia also designed a 3Screens solution, with triple screen video servers, enabling an end-to-end video infrastructure solution delivering to mobile, IPTV and Internet devices.

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